Tuesday, 16 September 2008

SetaHun SudaH....

danish 3 month

on 6 September 2008 my munchkin bday...hah sekejab je masa berlalukan..pejam celik pejam celik anak mamakissy dah setahun dah...tapi masa pregnant dulu terasa lama la sangat....so now my munchkin danish dah pandai ketawa,menjerit ,menyepah,and membebel....
entah bila la nak berjalan,....tak sabar nak tengok danish berjalan..tambah2 nak raya nie...so tak payah la mamakissy nak dukong die...hehehe

ingat lagi masa mula2 danish call me mama...wow at that time terasa amat lah bagga coz his word is MAMA not PAPA...heheh papa sorry coz his my boy...

but Papa u dont worry,danish nanti teman papa main futsal and fishing...at that time bole la mama soping sakan tanpa gangguan...huahahahah

but the best thing bout danish is he just like to see TOM TOM BAK by uncle aznil...cartoon ke hape ke tak heran kecuali advertisement la kan as usual..
now he can say the wors ermmmm bak...ok la at least ader bunyi....

danish 10 month @ curve

dah besar nie...mamakissy slalu terpikir kan pasal future.what will my baby will be??? doa dan harapan agar my munchkin will be the best among the best...biasala parents mana tak nak tgk anak berjaya...so munchkin be good.....

Friday, 12 September 2008

my luv life

anyway this time make me wonder how life is so meaningful and should be appreciated more..

my love life..
He is the most wonderful guy and i love him so much..u change everything in my life..u give me hope , u give me happiness but sometimes when we argue the way u handle it ,it looked like you matured enough..heeemmmm…u always thinking bout our family??!!!! hiihiihi..kinda cute for me..hahahha..it drive me really excited for day to day ..god love us so much that is why HE give us this anticipation for us to realize how great is our life..biey, i really love you so much and since ur cute munchkin Danish Nawfal came to our life,i hope we will have a better life …

my family..
i love u mama
i love u abah
i love u sis & bro
i love u niece & nephew

i love my family very much..they never stop support me in every way even when no one trust me..u never let me down..they always trust me and this time i will not let u down..this time i will try my best...I’m proud with myself because of you guys..even it too late but i try…love you so much..

kinda complicated…i failed a lot..failed as a child,failed as a wife,failed as a lover ,failed as a mother,failed as a friend but i know there is a way to change.and it’s not too late.

as a wife and mom..there is no failure but this is how i learned how hard is life and it just delayed of success..i never afraid of failure anymore.i know how to handle it.even how many times i fall down i will stand and face everything and i will finish everything that I’ve started…

as a friend..i can’t pleased everyone..i have my weakness and i do hope you can accept me as ME and just let me know what i done wrong..i love all my friend in my way..i never like to be sucked up friend. i love my friend sincerely and i hate to see my friend go down and drown in fantasy..life is to hard..never easy.but i love all of you..muahhh

as a child..plz forgive me what i done wrong and i love you mama and abah..pray for my success..muahh

Thursday, 11 September 2008

first step..

kinda miss my blog already..

lama tak merapu nie...

a lot of thing happen

but life moves on.... for the better.hmm... start over.. not easy.

But then its s'okay..one step at a time.

Alamak.. cemana adik nak post in gambo neh?